Field Trips

Thank you for your interest in visiting the Dakota Zoo with your group! The Dakota Zoo offers not only a fun experience, but also an important educational opportunity for the students. We look forward to welcoming your class to the Zoo for an exciting and educational visit. Here are just a few tips to help us get your group through the gate and out to see the animals without delay.

Admission rates for school groups this season will be $2.75 per person (including teachers, school aides, chaperones, and bus drivers). In order to get the education rate, all groups must be scheduled by the Dakota Zoo Admissions/Gift Shop Manager at least 2 weeks in advance. Your visit is not officially scheduled until you receive a confirmation email from the Dakota Zoo Admissions/Gift Shop Manager. If your group has not contacted the Dakota Zoo for your field trip, the group will be charged normal admission.  Please collect money in advance and enclose in an envelope to allow a more efficient service at the admission window. Please list the students and adults who have valid Dakota Zoo memberships with their parent names and the membership number. Please make sure to have both of these vital details on your list. Please advise parents to purchase or renew their memberships before your field trip to help move more rapidly into the zoo.

Train tickets are an additional $2.50 per person. In the months of April, May, August and September, the concession stand and train hours may vary due to the workers being in school. If you have any concerns about your visit during any of these months, please call 701-223-7543 for more information.

We do not have any lockers or lunch storage space available. The admission office and concession do not have the ability to hold items. Teachers or chaperones are responsible to watch your items. The Dakota Zoo holds no responsibly for lost or stolen items. You may bring your own lunches into the zoo and eat them in the gazebo if it is available, the large lawn, or the tables by the concession stand. You are able to make reservations for the gazebo; it is reserved on a first come first serve basis and can hold 20-30 individuals maximum. The Zoo does NOT allow any plastic baggies due to the fact they get into the animals exhibits and cause serious harm and/or death to them.

If you are interested in any presentations, other arrangements are required. Please contact the Education Coordinator at or call 701-223-7543. Time and availability are subject to change or cancel due to availability of Zoo staff.


  • Fill out and sent the School Group Form 2 days prior to the field trip day.

  • Gather list of the children who have a valid Dakota Zoo membership. Please make sure to have parent names (first and last names) as well as the membership number on this list. This information is vital and will help quicken the process to get into the zoo. If any parents will be chaperoning the group and have a membership, they MUST have a photo ID.

  • Please inform your class about sales tax if they plan on visiting the Antler Trading Post Gift Shop.

  • The Dakota Zoo does NOT allow any plastic baggies due to the safety of the animals.

  • The Dakota Zoo prohibits any type of outside food for the animals. The animals are on a closely monitored diet to meet their specific dietary needs.


  • All money must be collected before entering the Zoo. Groups must pay in one sum and not individually.

  • It works best if the teacher of each class comes up and pays before the group comes in.

  • Have totals of how many students you are paying for.

  • Have totals of children with Dakota Zoo memberships with parent names and membership number


  • Teachers and chaperones MUST stay with students at all times.

  • It is NOT the Dakota Zoos responsibility to gather your students when it is time to leave. Please make sure it is clear to all students, chaperones and teachers when the bus is leaving.

  • Help us care for our animals! Please do not feed them and/or throw anything at them. The Dakota Zoo has Quarters for Conservation feeders available to feed the animals in the immediate area.

  • It is a requirement that all students who enter the Antler Trading Post Gift Shop will be under adult supervision. There is a limit of 20 students inside the Antler Trading Post Gift Shop per time.

  • Enjoy the beauty of our landscape, but please do not climb on the trees, play in the flowerbeds or pick the flowers.

  • Any raptor feathers are property of the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service. It is illegal to have possession without a permit. For more information please visit these links:

    Any harassing or mistreating of animals will not be tolerated and you will be asked to leave.

  • The Zoo has fences for a reason; please stay on your side to view the animals.

  • The Zoo does NOT allow plastic baggies, bug nets or outside food for the animals.

  • Please keep personal property items from being dropped into animal exhibits as this can be hazardous and cause severe harm to the residents. Some examples are pencils, pencil sharpeners, pens, clipboards, plastic drinking caps, straws, toys, pacifiers, bouncy balls, etc.


If have any questions or concerns about what you are able to bring into the Dakota Zoo please contact the Dakota Zoo at 701-223-7543 or email us at or You may fax your Dakota Zoo Field Trip Request Form to 701-258-8350.

Click here to print out Field Trip form

Please fax the Dakota Zoo Field Trip Request Form at least 2 days before your visit to 701-258-8350 or scan and e-mail to Thank you!