Wine Tasting for the Animals

Join us in a wonderful rustic atmosphere with animal viewing while taste testing many different wines and beers. This fun event is held in the Bismarck Tribune Discovery Center with all proceeds going to help support the wild residents of Dakota Zoo. Tickets are $30 for Dakota Zoo Members and $35 for non-members. They can be purchased at the admission window, online or by calling (701) 223-7543. There is a limited number of tickets available so purchase your tickets early. Be sure to check the Schedule of Events for dates and times.

This wine tasting began as an event that was truly “For the Birds.” Because of the generous support of folks like you, our raptor rehabilitation program has assisted numerous eagles, hawks, falcons and owls, resulting in many of them being released back into the wild. As this event has grown more popular, we have expanded it to benefit all of the animals at Dakota Zoo.

With more than 600 mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, fish and insects to feed, birds are only a small part of what we do at the Dakota Zoo. Our “grocery bill” totals more than $70,000 a year--what a shopping list! While you are enjoying tonight’s delightful selection of gourmet comestibles, courtesy of Bismarck’s finest restaurants, here are a few facts and figures about what some of your “wilder” dining companions are having.

Did you know?

  • That an adult moose consumes over $4000 worth of delicious, nutritious moose chow in a single year.

  • That each of our fast-growing tigers needs 10 pounds of specially mixed ground beef every day. That's a $10,000 yearly dinner tab for our three big cats.

  • That one full grown grizzly bear can easily polish off 60 pounds of grapes (their favorites), apples, dog chow, meat, pears, squash, watermelon, bread & lettuce per day. That’s $1100 per bear per year. Thank goodness much of our produce is generously donated by Dan's Supermarket.

  • That monkeys eat primarily Monkey Chow, with a smattering of fruits and vegetables thrown in for variety. This specialty diet costs up to $350 per monkey, per year, and we have plenty of primates!

  • That tarantulas, scorpions, snakes and lizards prefer to nosh on live farm raised crickets. We serve up about $750 worth of the little critters each year.

  • That our dedicated staff of Zookeepers are always seeking ways to enrich our animals lives by changing the configuration of perches and other exhibit features, adding bongo balls or other enrichment toys to their environments and by presenting them with challenging opportunities such as the opportunity to figure out a puzzle feeder to obtain their favorite treats, in addition to their normal diet.


Proceeds from this event will help us to continue to provide delectable diets for our residents throughout the year. We thank you for attending our annual wine tasting and for your generous support of the Dakota Zoo and its animal inhabitants!