* Threatened or Endangered

American Badger *

 : Taxidea taxus

 : Mammal

 : Southwest Canada south to Mexico

 : Chipmunks, ground squirrels, mice, rabbits, carrion, and insects

 : Weight 12 to 20 lbs., length about 30 inches

 : Least Concern


• Once very common in most of their range, badgers are rarely observed in some areas and have disappeared entirely from areas most affected by the encroachment of humans.

• This efficient digger is very effective at hunting ground squirrels and other small burrowing animals.

     o They can dig faster than a foot a minute in search of food.

     o They can smell underground to find prey in their burrows.

     o They will dig, following the burrow tunnel until they find their prey.

• Badgers mate in the fall, but delay implantation of the egg until February, with young usually being born in April.

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