* Threatened or Endangered

Fiji Banded Iguana *

 : Brachylophus fasciatus

 : Reptile

 : Fijian islands

 : Primarily herbivorous and forage for leaves, flowers and fruit.


 : Critically Endangered


• This species engages in a unique mode of communication and it doesn't involve any vocalizations. These creatures express themselves through motions like bobbing the head, vigorous whipping of the tail, expanding or contracting their dewlaps, and other motions.

•Generally, iguanas are agile. Their maximum movement speed has been recorded at 21 mph.

• A unique characteristic of iguanas is that they can get rid of their tail when caught by predators and it grows back

•The reason for their diminishing numbers has been attributed to habitat destruction that roots out from several human activities like extensive agricultural practices, mining, road building, and others. Moreover, the introduction of predators such as black cats, mongoose, and feral cats on the Fijian islands has contributed to a further decline in their populations as they prey on the reptiles as well as their eggs.