* Threatened or Endangered

Golden Pheasant *

 : Chrysolophus pictus

 : Bird

 : Western China

 : Seeds, grains, invertebrates and vegetation

 : Wingspan up to 30”

 : Despite the brilliant colors of the male, these pheasants are hard to see in the wild because of the dense forested areas in which they live. While little is known about their habits or numbers in the wild, they are thought to be prevalent across most of their range. These birds have also been introduced into the United Kingdom.


Although they can fly, these birds are very clumsy in the air and prefer to remain on the ground.  The scientific name literally means “gold crest painted,” which aptly describes the beautiful colorations of this bird.  Golden Pheasants are one of the most commonly kept pheasants and are quite hardy, living up to 12 years in captivity.  The orange cape on the face of the male can be spread when displaying for females.