* Threatened or Endangered

Great Horned Owl *

 : Bubo virginianus

 : Bird

 : North and South America

 : Rats, squirrels, mice, moles, voles, marmots, skunks, rabbits, shrews, bats, weasels, birds and even porcupines

 : Wingspan 40” to 60”

 : These birds are common across their range. There are at least 13 subspecies of Great Horned Owls that vary in color and size depending upon area found.


These are some of the earliest nesting birds in North America.  They choose a mate in December and breed in January and February.  While Great Horned Owls can and will build their own nests, they are quite willing to take over nests from other bird species.  These owls do not migrate and are year-round residents in their particular habitat.  Young fly at about 7 weeks but may remain near their parents for almost a year.