* Threatened or Endangered

Mule Deer *

 : Odocoileus hemionus

 : Mammal

 : Western ½ of North America, generally west of the Missouri River

 : Plants, various berries, evergreen tree needles, sage, acorns and other browse

 : Weight up to 100 - 400 lbs., length up to 80 inches

 : Common in most of its range due to management by wildlife agencies, some subspecies are rare.


Named for the large mule-like ears, the Mule Deer differs from the Whitetail Deer in other ways as well.  The tip of the tail is black and the antlers of the male fork rather than growing from a main beam like Whitetail bucks do. Mule Deer are generally larger than Whitetail Deer.  In mountainous areas, these animals will move up and down the mountains seasonally to avoid heavy snows.