* Threatened or Endangered

Poison Dart Frog *

 : Dendrobatidae

 : Reptile

 : Tropical Rainforests

 : Small insects and other small invertebrates

 : 0.5 to 2.5 inches

 : Endangered


• There are nearly 200 different species of poison dart frogs.

• Their poison is produced through the diet they consume. When diet is controlled, they are completely harmless.

• The males will care for eggs and tadpoles by carrying them on their backs.

• Indigenous people have been known to use poison dart frog poison to create poison arrows and darts.


Just like many other amphibian species, frogs are important environmental indicators. The frogs in our own backyard are no different. To find out how you can help monitor frog populations in your area, visit FrogWatch USA, or contact the zoo's Education/Volunteer Coordinator at educate@dakotazoo.org.