* Threatened or Endangered

Pronghorn *

 : Antilocapra americana

 : Mammal

 : Southern Saskatchewan and Alberta south to Sonora and Baja California

 : Grasses, forbes and browse plants

 : Weight 75 to 145 lbs.

 : Least Concern


• The overall population in the early 1900s was reduced drastically due to overhunting. With proper management, numbers have rebounded, and most populations are doing well.

• Three extreme-southern subspecies are endangered.

• This is the fastest land mammal in North America and nearly the fastest in the world, second only to the cheetah. Adult animals can run up to 61 mph.

• Their large eyes give them excellent vision, which has been shown to be the equivalent of a human looking through 8X binoculars.

• Pronghorn are built for speed, not jumping, and their range is sometimes dictated by fences.

• They are also called prairie goats, speed goats, or simply goats.

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