* Threatened or Endangered

Colombian Black-headed Spider Monkey *

 : Ateles fusciceps rufiventris

 : Mammal

 : Tropical and subtropical moist broadleaf forests

 : Mostly fruit. Also includes leaves, nuts, seeds, bark, insects, and flowers.

 : Up to 24 inches tall and 20 lbs.

 : Vulnerable due to deforestation and poaching.


• Vulnerable due to deforestation and poaching.

• This subspecies of spider monkey has a black body and thumbless hands.

• They spend the majority of their time in treetops.

• They use their long prehensile tails as an extra limb to help maneuver through forests.

     o The tip of this tail is hairless, which helps with grip.

     o Each tail tip has completely unique markings, similar to human fingerprints.

• These are very social animals and travel in groups of up to 100, and will split into smaller subgroups to forage for food.