* Threatened or Endangered

Transcaspian Urial *

 : Ovis orientalis arkal

 : Mammal

 : Grasslands in northern India, Iran and nearby areas.

 : Grass, shrubs, and sometimes grains.

 : 3 to 4 feet tall / 3.5 to 5 feet long. Up to 200 lbs.

 : Vulnerable due to habitat loss and poaching.


The Transcaspian Urial is a type of wild sheep. These sheep have a strict social hierarchy that is based on the size of a males horns. Males will fight for dominance by pushing against eachother with their horns. Usually, the male with the biggest horns will become leader. Due to these magnificent horns, Urials are prized by trophy hunters and poachers. This, combined with competition for resources in habitat that is already low in resources, has caused their populations to decrease.