* Threatened or Endangered

Canada Lynx *

 : Lynx canadensis

 : Mammal

 : Canada, Alaska, Montana, Idaho and Washington

 : Hares, rodents, birds and sometimes deer

 : Weight 20 to 30 lbs., length about 36 inches

 : Has declined in many areas due to its inability to live in areas with large human presence. It is being reintroduced into parts of Colorado. Threatened in the contiguous United States.


This small cat is slightly larger than the Bobcat, but is much more able to function in the north.  With large, furred feet that act as snowshoes in deep snow, these cats can continue hunting their prey where other predators can’t.  The main prey of the Canada Lynx is the Snowshoe Hare.  When Hare numbers are on the rise, the survival rate of Lynx kittens increases.