* Threatened or Endangered

Cedar Waxwing *

 : Bombycilla cedrorum

 : Bird

 : Berry bushes, evergreens, or along rivers and ponds.

 : Mostly fruit and some insects


 : Least Concern


• The Cedar Waxwing is one of the few North American birds that specializes in eating fruit. It can survive on fruit alone for several months.

• The name "waxwing" comes from the waxy red secretions found on the tips of the secondaries of some birds.

• Building a nest takes a female Cedar Waxwing 5 to 6 days and may require more than 2,500 individual trips to the nest.

North American Songbird SAFE (Saving Animals From Exctinction) The Dakota Zoo directly supports this SAFE program, For more information, go to SAFE Species (aza.org)

Additional efforts in this project are being made to develop a partnership with North Dakota Game and Fish and a songbird researcher in the neighboring state of Montana.  

The Zoo is also:

  • Arranging to add more bird friendly glass/decal spots in the upcoming year and selling decal products in gift shop.
  • Selling Bird Friendly Coffee in gift shop.
  • hosting an eBird location. To learn more about eBird, go to eBird - Discover a new world of birding....