* Threatened or Endangered

Indian Peafowl *

 : Pavo cristatus

 : Bird

 : India

 : Seeds, grains, fruits and insects

 : up to 7’ long including tail

 : Prevalent across its range both in wild populations and in captivity. Also quite common in captivity across the world.


Also called the Common Peafowl or Blue Peafowl, this in the national bird of India.  Males are called peacocks and females are peahens.  The dramatic display feathers of the male are not tail feathers but actually originate from the back above the tail.  This bird has been adopted as the logo or symbol for a variety of entities. Due to the belief that it was immortal in the middle ages it was the symbol of the Catholic Church.  Perhaps one of the most famous logos is used by NBC “proud as a peacock.”