* Threatened or Endangered

Kunekune Pig *

 : Sus scrofa domesticus

 : Mammal

 : Native to New Zealand woodlands and pastures.

 : Grazers that can survive on grass alone.

 : 200-400 lbs. and up to 3 ft. tall

 : Kunekune pigs are a domestic breed that has a stable population.


KuneKune (pronounced cooney cooney) pigs come in a variety of colors, such as ginger/black, black/ginger, ginger, cream, black/white, brown/white, and more. This is quite a bit more variation than other pig species. These pigs are also set apart from other pigs by the presence of wattles that hang just below their jowl. KuneKunes are also pure grazers (grass-eaters), which makes them unique among other pig species.