* Threatened or Endangered

Mexican Grey Wolf *

 : Canis lupus baileyi

 : Mammal

 : Mexican wolves were once native to western Texas, southern New Mexico, southeastern Arizona and Mexico.

 : Deer, elk, pronghorn, javelina, rabbits and other small prey.

 : Weight 50 to 80 pounds.

 : Once exterminated from the wild, a Species Survival Plan involving our Zoo and many agencies has worked to reintroduce this species into protected areas of the southwestern U.S. and Mexico.


This is the rarest subspecies of the grey wolf and also the smallest.  Known as “el lobo,”  it has been reintroduced in certain areas of Arizona and New Mexico with mixed results.   Also the most genetically distinct subspecies of the grey wolf, their coat is generally a mottled mixture of colors similar in appearance to the coyote.