* Threatened or Endangered

Milk Snake *

 : Lampropeltis triangulum

 : Reptile

 : Varied habitats, but they prefer forests or open woodlands.

 : Young snakes eat slugs, insects, crickets, and earthworms. Adults will eat lizards and small mammals. They are also known to eat birds and their eggs, frogs, fish, and other snakes.

 : 23-52 inches

 : Least Concern


• Milk snakes got their name from a folk tale that said they would drink milk straight from a cow's udder. This myth may have arisen from the fact that milk snakes are commonly found in barns, where it is cool, dark, and full of rodents. 

• During colder months, milk snakes gather in communal dens and go into brumation, which is a dormant period similar to hibernation. 

• Milk snakes are common in the pet trade due to their naturally docile behavior.

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