* Threatened or Endangered

Red Fox *

 : Vulpes vulpes

 : Mammal

 : Canada, Alaska, nearly all of the contiguous U.S., Europe, North Africa and much of Asia

 : [Hidden]

 : Weight 6 to 15 lbs.

 : Common in early all of its range, this animal has a positive effect by preying on damaging rodents, but can also be a detriment to endangered or rare bird populations.


This animal has the distinction of having the widest range of any carnivore.  Comparatively, the stomach of the Red Fox is only about ½ the size of other canines.  This fact makes them hunt more often or cache food to save for times when prey isn’t available.  There is debate on whether or not this animal is native to North America.  Some theorize that they were introduced from Great Britain in the 1700’s and spread from east to west.  They are quite agile and adaptable and some have even been observed climbing trees.