* Threatened or Endangered

Red-Tailed Boa *

 : Boa constrictor

 : Reptile

 : South American tropics.

 : Small to medium sized mammals and birds.

 : 6 to 8 feet

 : Least Concern


• Over collection for the pet trade has had an impact on wild populations, but the species is still listed as Least Concern.

• The red-tailed boa is also known as a boa constrictor or the common boa.

• This species is nonvenomous and kills its prey by biting and wrapping its body around the animal.

• Young boas will spend a lot of time in trees, but as they get older and heavier, they spend more time on the ground.

• Red-tailed boas are very important to their ecosystems due to their ability to keep small mammal populations under control.

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