* Threatened or Endangered

Reeves's Pheasant *

 : Syrmaticus reevesii

 : Bird

 : Central China

 : Fruit, seeds, leaves, buds and roots, worms, snails and insects

 : Wingspan up to 30”

 : Vulnerable


• The Reeves’s Pheasant is considered vulnerable due to habitat loss and hunting for food and tail feathers.

• There are thought to be less than 2000 wild birds remaining in China.

• The male of this species holds the record for the longest tail of any bird with tail feathers reaching up to 8 feet long.

• These birds inhabit the forested mountains of central China and are very hardy.

• As in most pheasant species, the plain, mottled color of the female aids in camouflage when sitting on the nest.

• This bird is named for John Reeves, a naturalist and businessman who first sent the species back to England in 1831.