* Threatened or Endangered

Rocky Mountain Elk *

 : Cervus canadensis nelsoni

 : Mammal

 : Mountainous areas of northwest and western United States, introduced to many other areas including the Appalachians

 : Grasses, plants, leaves and bark

 : Weight 500 to 700 lbs.

 : Least Concern


• Common across many regions of the country in colonial days, except for desert and gulf coasts areas.

• Various reintroduction efforts have been conducted across North America and most have been successful.

• Elk have been labeled one of the worst invasive species when they are found in the wrong situation.

• Also called Nelson’s elk and Wapiti, this is the second-largest member of the deer family, with moose being the largest.

• Males have antlers which are shed and regrown each year.

• Elk are deeply imbedded in Native American culture. The Lakota gave an Elk tooth to newborn male children to promote longevity. Teeth were the longest-lasting parts to be found in aged carcasses.


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