* Threatened or Endangered

Scarlet Macaw *

 : Ara macao

 : Bird

 : Eastern Mexico, Peru and Brazil

 : Nuts, seeds and vegetation

 : Weight 2 to 3 lbs.

 : Least Concern


• Considered “conservation dependent” due to loss of habitat and capturing for the illegal pet trade.

     o “Conservation dependent” means that the bird will most likely continue to disappear unless protected habitat is set aside in its native lands. It is now illegal to take one of these birds from the wild.

• This very large parrot has a strong, powerful beak that can crack objects such as Brazil nuts easily.

• Due primarily to loss of habitat, these birds now occupy less than 20% of their original range.

• In human care, macaws can live well into their 70s if their diet and care are correct.

• Young macaws stay with their parents longer than most birds, with the fledglings sometimes remaining for a year or more.

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