* Threatened or Endangered

Siamang *

 : Symphalangus syndactylus

 : Mammal

 : Upper forest canopies.

 : Mostly fruits, leaves, and other plant products. Sometimes nuts, insects, eggs and small vertebrates.

 : 2.5-3 ft. tall and up to 27 lbs.

 : Endangered


• Endangered due to habitat loss.

• Siamangs are the largest of the gibbons.

• They use their long arms to swing through their native forests.

• Siamangs have long and thick black coats that cover nearly all of their bodies.

• They have a large gray or pink throat sac that is used for communication.

     o This sac inflates to make noises that can sound like a loud boom or a bark.

     o Siamangs use these sounds to defend their territory and for other communicative activities.

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