* Threatened or Endangered

Snow Leopard *

 : Uncia uncia

 : Mammal

 : Mountain ranges of central and southern Asia including Afghanistan, Bhutan, Tibet, India, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Nepal, Pakistan, Russia, Tajikistan, and Uzbekistan

 : Wild goats and sheep, wild boar, marmots and other small rodents

 : Weight 75 to 120 lbs.

 : Vulnerable


• Vulnerable in its range, total numbers were down to about 1000 animals in the 1960s. Today, numbers have rebounded to 5000 animals or more and are spread across their range.

• This elusive cat has the longest tail of any cat, which is used to help steady the animal on rocky terrain. The long furry tail can also be used to warm the face and other exposed parts of the body in extreme cold.

• They have thick fur on the bottoms of their feet, which helps make them impervious to the cold.

• Similar in size to the African plains-dwelling cheetah, they are not as fast, but much more agile.

• A favorite method of catching prey is to ambush from above.

• They are able to jump up to 46 feet in one bound.


The Dakota Zoo partners with Snow Leopard Trust through the Dakota Zoo Conservation Fund to help monitor wild snow leopard populations and support the communities near them. Learn more about Snow Leopard Trust by visiting their website www.snowleopard.org. You can help by donating to the Dakota Zoo Conservation Fund or to Snow Leopard Trust directly, or by purchasing Snow Leopard Trust  items in our gift shop.