* Threatened or Endangered

White-nosed Coati *

 : Nasua narica

 : Mammal

 : South America and southern North America

 : Lizards, insects, rodents, snails, and small birds, as well as fruit and nuts

 : Weight 7 to 15 lbs., length about 45 inches

 : Fairly common in South America, slowly expanding into Arizona and New Mexico


As one would guess by their similarities in appearance, this animal is a relative to the raccoon.    Sometimes called the coati-mundi, the latter part of this name refers to the male.  Coatis live in groups called bands which are made up of females and their offspring.  The males enter the group for a short time during the breeding season and are otherwise solitary.  Great tree climbers, coatis can reverse their ankles and climb down a tree as well as they can climb up.