* Threatened or Endangered

White-nosed Coati *

 : Nasua narica

 : Mammal

 : South America and southern North America

 : Lizards, insects, rodents, snails, and small birds, as well as fruit and nuts

 : Weight 7 to 15 lbs., length about 45 inches

 : Least Concern


• White-nosed coatis are fairly common in South America and slowly expanding into Arizona and New Mexico.

• As one would guess by its appearance, this animal is related to the raccoon.

• Sometimes called the “coati-mundi,” the latter part of this name refers to the male.

• Coatis live in groups called bands, which are made up of females and their offspring.

• Males enter bands for a short time during the breeding season and are otherwise solitary.

• Great tree climbers, coatis can reverse their ankles and climb down a tree as efficiently as they climb up.