* Threatened or Endangered

Whitetail Deer *

 : Odocoileus virginianus

 : Mammal

 : most of the continental United States, southern Canada, Mexico, Central America and northern portions of South America

 : Plants, leaves, shoots, corn and fruits

 : Weight up to 100 - 220 lbs.

 : Least Concern


• Populations are generally controlled in most areas by controlled hunting.

• They have been introduced in the Czech Republic and Finland, where they have thrived.

• This common deer is named for the flash of white on the tail that is shown when alarmed and running away.

• Antlers on the male grow from a main beam, differing from the mule deer’s antlers, which fork.

• Around 1930, white-tailed deer were thought to number around 30,000 in North America.

• Due to management, including controlled hunting, the numbers have rebounded to nearly 30 million.

• Bucks shed their antlers each winter and grow a new set each spring.