* Threatened or Endangered

Amur Tiger *

 : Panthera tigris altaica

 : Mammal

 : The forest and bush-covered mountains of eastern Russia, China, and North Korea.

 : Carnivorous diet consisting of deer, wild pig and occasionally fish.

 : Body length is 2 meters with the tail adding another meter. Weight up to 660 pounds

 : Endangered


• Commonly known as the Siberian Tiger.

• Numbers are dropping due to deforestation, poaching, and depletion of prey species.

• This apex predator is one of the largest cats on the planet.

• The Amur tiger’s coat is lighter in color than other tiger species and is also thicker to protect it against cold weather.

• There are only estimated to be 265 to 486 Amur tigers living in the wild today. This is up from the estimate of fewer than 50 in the 1940s, but a lot of work still needs to be done to protect the species.

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