* Threatened or Endangered

Aoudad *

 : Ammotragus lervia

 : Mammal

 : Mauritania, Morocco, southern Algeria, northwest Chad and Sudan Diet: Grasses, bushes, lichen and leaves

 : Grasses, bushes, lichen and leaves

 : Weight 100 - 300 lbs.

 : Vulnerable


• Considered vulnerable in its native habitats, aoudads have done remarkably well in areas where they have been introduced, including Texas, New Mexico, California, Spain, and the Canary Islands. • Also called barbary sheep.

• Males and females are very similar in appearance. Males are somewhat larger and have thicker horns.

• In northern Africa, their main predators are leopards and caracals.

• Because aoudad can be very efficient at establishing themselves into new habitats, they can also be a detriment to plant and mammal populations where land space is limited, such as island habitats.

• Acclimated to dry desert life, these animals can obtain all the moisture they need from plants.