* Threatened or Endangered

American White Pelican *

 : Pelecanus erythrorhynchos

 : Bird

 : Freshwater bogs, swamps, rivers, and lakes.

 : Fish

 : Up to 10 ft wingspan

 : Least Concern


• The plumage of the White American pelican is almost entirely bright white, except for some black secondary feathers.

• These annual migrators will fly in "V" formation. They fly in large flocks often consisting of more than 180 individuals..

• To attract a mate, the birds show off their bright orange bills, strut around, bow, and take short flights

• These pelicans can hold up to 3 gallons of water in their bill.

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Do not take in injured wildlife. Call ND Game and Fish, local USFWS, or the Dakota Zoo if you come across an injured raptor or migratory bird. Consider a donation to the Dakota Zoo Conservation Fund which supports our Raptor Rehabilitation Program. https://www.dakotazoo.org/education/raptor-rehabilitation/ or https://gf.nd.gov/rap