* Threatened or Endangered

Bobcat *

 : Lynx rufus

 : Mammal

 : Southern Canada to northern Mexico

 : Rabbits and other small rodents, birds, insects and occasionally young deer and pronghorn

 : Weight 16 to 30 lbs., length averages 36 inches

 : Limited in northern areas by snow depth and pressure from their cousin, the lynx. Populations are monitored in all of their range with limited hunting occurring in most areas.


With a stubby tail that ranges in length from 4 to 7 inches, these small cats are aptly named.  Seldom seen due to it’s secretive nature, Bobcats are quite common in certain areas where prey is available.  There are at least 12 recognized subspecies which accounts for their differing size and coloration.  Generally, northern cats are larger.  Like many wild cats, they have retractable claws which can be noted in their tracks by not being able to see claw marks.